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TRAINING:  Training Services include academic style "off the shelf" seminars to management and technology personnel as well as custom developed training to support Change Management Initiatives or the rollout of new Company Business and ERP Systems and their associated practices and procedures.  Training Services also include Facilitation Services for: Brainstorming, Focus Groups Sessions, Group Work Sessions and Joint Application Design (JAD) Sessions.

Currently available "off the shelf" offerings are tailored to assist those charged with participating or leading an Information Technology (IT) project or those charged with directing or managing the IT function.  The offerings are targeted to the following student groups: executive management, general management, IT management, IT project leaders, business analysts, and IT sophisticated users.  The offerings are grouped within the following three series of seminars:

Each of the above series is comprised of several seminars, targeted at approximately 2+ hours in duration.  The cost for each seminar is a fixed $600 plus applicable travel expenses; the cost is not dependant upon the number of attendees.  Seminars can be taken in any desired sequence.  Each seminar can be rendered on a "one on one" basis for senior management, or in a classroom setting for five to twenty, or in a lecture format for larger groups.  Click on the links for a detailed description of each seminar.

The three seminar series address topics such as: Systems Planning, Effective Management of Systems, Information Systems Topics ( Hardware & Software Concepts, Communications Concepts, ERP and Business Application Systems, eCommerce and Internet Technology, Business and Data Modeling), Systems Development Methodology, Object Oriented Analysis & Design.

FACILITATION SERVICES for: Brainstorming, Focus Groups Sessions, Group Work Sessions and Joint Application Design (JAD) Sessions where one of our principals leads A Company work session as the catalyst, moderator and director of the activity.  Our lead is assisted by two to three scribes provided by N&A and/OR the Company.  These sessions can be held off site or on site, depending upon the nature of the session, it's objective and the types of participants.

 Below is the difference between these types of sessions:

- Brainstorming Session: Participants do not have a set of specific requirements nor solutions in mind, however a specific problem exists for which solutions/approaches are elicited from all participants.  The group interaction allows for a wide diversity of responses and the focus is on "quantity" of ides, after which the group (or others) evaluate and select the candidates worthy of further consideration.

- JAD (Joint Application Design) Session: Participants are knowledgeable of their own specific requirements and have the necessary authority to make decisions and/or quickly obtain further detailed information (within their own domain).  This is normally attended by business and IT leadership, spans three to five contiguous days at an off-site facility, and quickly results in a clearly specified set of deliverables.  The objective of the session is to obtain a consensus on matters such as requirements, design specifications and operation of new systems and/or business processes.  A JAD session saves many weeks of project elapsed time at the price of active management involvement. 

- Group Work Session: Participant knowledge and level of authority will vary based upon the nature of the session.  At the result of the work session the group will have worked toward resolving a an issue or problem -or- agreeing upon a common approach and solution which may then require final management approval

- Focus Group Session: Participants represent a wide body of users, either consumer based on internal company personnel (e.g. members of a wide and dispersed sales force).  The purpose of the session is to obtain a sense of the preferences, attitudes, likes and dislikes of the group toward a particular concept, approach, etc.. This type of session is often useful for determining the appropriateness of B2B and B2C e-commerce sites.

At times these sessions tend to wonder and do not always achieve their objectives.  Our participation at these sessions ensures that the session is successful.  Being a catalyst at a JAD session requires an extensive functional as well as technical knowledge, clear objectivity and independence, a structured approach, the ability to ask pointed questions, the ability to focus and motivate people, the ability to relentlessly work toward achieving a plurality of consensus, and the ability to lead the group to a concrete deliverable.  We have the necessary skills and experience for conducting these sessions.


INTERIM:  Interim Services include the "lending" of one of our principals to a company for a brief period of time during which time we function not as a consultant, but as a company person.  In this capacity we can function as a Chief Information Officer (CIO), or a Program Manager, or a Project Manager or Director of a Company's information technology area.  Our principal is assigned to the Company on a part time or full time basis, during which point in time we are fulfilling a company resource requirement and not working toward any one specific project goal.

This service is useful to Companies in transition, or to fulfill an immediate opening while candidates are being evaluated, or to assume control of a department or project which has spun out of control.  This service is also useful to Companies which are in the process of relocating or merging, and require an added level of comfort in their IT organization.

This service is very beneficial to smaller Companies which cannot afford or do not require a full time CIO but do require periodic senior guidance and input.  In these situations one of our principals would participate on a part time basis, e.g. one to two days every week or two,  and would provide those services.  Part time CIO services include the following responsibilities:

  • Interfacing with the business groups.
  • Monitoring of user service and satisfaction level.
  • Business and systems planning.
  • IT hardware, software and communications direction.
  • IT project priority setting.
  • Annual budgeting.
  • Departmental organization, morale, education, methodology and best practices.
  • Monitoring of costs, and of key projects.
  • Monitoring of daily production and service.
  • Vendor relations and negotiations.

Training & Interim Key Benefits

  • You benefit from our prior experience.  You are taught by some of the best senior personnel who have actually done the work multiple times as well as having lectured at corporate and academic settings.  Real life experiences are brought into each session.

  • You save time and money as your JAD sessions are truly productive.  Our design and implementation experience is brought to bear on your brain storming session, and you benefit not only from our pragmatic structured approach and style, but also from our experience.

  • You maximize your return on G&A as our Interim Services, whether it be used to fulfill a temporary vacancy or used to fulfill a part time need,  provides you with a more than qualified resource to support you during your time of need.  The scope of service can range from taking over a troubled project to providing IT facilities management leadership during a critical time to fulfilling an IT leadership position on a part time basis for an indefinite period.

Training & Interim Approach

Training & Interim Services may be very brief, and normally are not project oriented but "session" or "timeframe" oriented.  These services always begin with an arrangement letter clearly describing the specifics of our involvement.

For "Off The Shelf" Training Sessions, the date, location, and cost of the seminar is stipulated. The seminar is held at a Company location or suitable proximity.  Seminars do not have a maximum on attendees, the cost is fixed at $600 per session (plus travel expenses), i.e. it is not dependant upon the number of attendees.   

For Custom Training Sessions, the arrangement is treated similar to a corporate project, where the training session scope, objectives, learning outcomes, schedule, teaching and student materials,  project organization, timeframe and cost are stipulated.

For Facilitation Services (JAD, Brainstorming, Work Sessions, Focus Group), the arrangement specifies the scope and objectives of our involvement as well as our role and responsibility, and the location and timeframe of the sessions.  The Company or N&A will provide two to three session scribes responsible for transcribing all of the session work notes and summary conclusions and distributing them to the participants.

For Interim Services the scope, objectives, role and responsibilities of our involvement is specified, e.g. CIO, CTO, Project Director, Project Manager, Chief Architect, PMO Director, QA Reviewer, Methodologist, Functional Lead, Technical Lead, Tester.  Each involvement can be different, with our participation varying from as little as one or two days per month to as much as full time over several months.  The very nature of this service allows it to fit the Company's business and resource requirements for the short term..

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