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A continuously available service, offering executive management an opportunity to have an "on call" senior IT executive to remotely assist them with added input and suggestions, opinions, short term research help, third party "impartial and objective" quick assessments and sounding board benefits.  This service is intended for senior executives of a company and is for high level IT related matters, research and strategies, i.e. not for "help desk" support.  This service is available on a strictly private & confidential basis.  The inputs, assessments, research and opinions are rendered by experienced professionals, and are based upon a "TIMEBOX" principle with a $2,200 maximum.  Our charges are by the quarter hour (see the rate table at the bottom of the page), and satisfaction is guaranteed, we will perform to your expectations or we will wave the fee.

In addition to the above opinions and research on "any and all" IT related subject matters, the insert below highlights the IT Contracts and Requirements Advisory Services aspect of our TIMEBOX services.

The Nori & Associates TIMEBOX service line also includes a distinct subset, IT Contracts and Requirements Advisory Services.  This service helps take the risk out of evaluating, buying, renting or leasing computer hardware, software, communications, consulting services, application service provider (ASP) services, disaster recovery services, custom development, software package implementation, help desk support, outsourcing arrangements,  ancillary IT related products, consulting and services.


The Nori & Associates IT Contracts and Requirements Advisory Services  assesses and recommends to the client how to structure specifications and negotiate contracts that clearly stipulate the responsibilities of both parties. This service is a special blend of senior IT management and contract knowledge designed to support and assist the Purchasing, Legal and IT departments of large corporate and governmental entities and the senior management of smaller companies and non profit agencies.  These services are of great benefit to all who do not have the time or skills to ensure that the DETAILED contractual IT matters are properly dealt with by a senior person on a focused and non interrupted basis.


COST FOR THIS SERVICE IS FIXED IN ADVANCE.  Most often these services are rendered within a brief number of hours, at a low cost and yield benefits in terms of preventing errors and ensuring protection from confusing, misleading or biased IT related vendor contracts.  Small documents are reviewed in less time.  This service line includes the following packaged service options:

  • IT REQUIREMENTS VERIFICATION (To review the validity & specificity of the IT requirements)

  • IT VENDOR PROPOSAL REVIEW & ASSESSMENT (To examine an IT vendor's proposal)

  • IT VENDOR CONTRACT REVIEW & ASSESSMENT (To recommend IT centric contract improvements)

To acquire this service please call our office.  After a brief consultation you will be quoted a price and you will be asked to email or courier the documents for our review.  Upon our review and analysis we will email a brief stating our findings and recommendations.  Subsequently we will host a teleconference during which time we will expand upon our brief and answer any questions.  Billing will be at completion.  SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED, WE WILL PERFORM TO YOUR EXPECTATION OR WAVE THE BILLING IF YOU ARE NOT 100% HAPPY WITH OUR WORK!

The mission of the Nori & Associates TIMEBOX service is to support the management of both large and small companies with an objective and impartial senior IT executive on permanent call to help in any manner necessary.  Small companies do not have an IT executive on ready call, large companies may not always have ready access to one or may wish to obtain external company input.  Additionally, this service is of value to CIO and upper level IT executives who may wish an impartial third party opinion, added expertise on a very quick & short term need, or assistance with confidential matters under consideration.

In acquiring the TIMEBOX service, a company enters into an understanding with Nori & Associates and provides our firm with a brief list of executives authorized to call upon us.  This service has no minimums, but it does have a $2,200 maximum on each service request.  Each service request is billed on a quarter hour basis, using a declining rate scale for each incremental quarter hour amount.  The company is billed monthly only for the services and opinions rendered, i.e. there are no base amounts or minimums or on-retainer amounts.  If desired, the billing may be rendered at the completion of services rendered.   SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED, i.e. we will perform to your expectation or wave the fee if you are not 100% HAPPY with our work.

In using this service the executive telephones the special hot line telephone number, available on a 24x7x 365 basis, and speaks to one of the principals.  At that time the opinion or deliverable may be rendered instantly, and therefore the billed amount is only for one quarter hour.  If an opinion or deliverable cannot be rendered instantly and the client does not wish to authorize added work or research, there is no charge.  If some research or further work is required, the client is asked for the TIMEBOX constraints, i.e. when must the opinion, or research, or deliverable be rendered and how much are we authorized to incur.  Subsequently to the verbal authorization to proceed, the work is performed on a best efforts basis and delivered within the TIMEBOX constraints set by the client.

This service is valuable for both small and large businesses, and provides an economical and practical resource for Company executives and IT management.  The service could be used on matters such as any IT related: research matters, technical questions, architecture design opinion, data base design opinion, organizational changes, budgetary reviews, evaluation of IT strategies and economics, contract design, compensation arrangements, perspective employee candidate qualifications, technical sounding board, general queries regarding specific software and hardware products and vendors, technology trends, confidential matters, industry trends and other.  This service is provided without the benefit of arrangement letters or contracts, hence it is limited to brief ad-hoc requests.  Any client requests requiring greater effort and attention would fall under one of our other service lines requiring an arrangement letter or contract before we begin our work.


TIMEBOX Opinions Key Benefits

  • No costs are incurred unless an opinion or service is requested.

  • No costs are incurred if an opinion or service cannot be rendered.

  • Costs and due date are set by the client.  When work is authorized, the client establishes the "not to exceed" cost parameter and the "I must have an answer or deliverable by" parameter.

  • Totally objective and independent as we do not sell hardware or software or accounting services or personnel services.

  • Provides you with an "on call" IT expert, billable only when used.

  • Can be used for any number of purposes, i.e. any time you require research or input or an assessment from an objective and confidential IT expert.  Can be used for matters such as participating in a teleconferencing meeting, or for  reviewing: a contract, a perspective employee's resume, a vendor's proposal, an internal work plan, an internal methodology, any item requiring executive IT input and assessment.

  • Can be used for brief research questions such as: What is the typical annual IT expenditure for companies of my size?  How long do projects of this type typically take?  What are the key risk with projects of this nature?  What items, other than the ones I have already been told of, do I need to consider when performing this type of a project?  What are some of the risks of migrating to this: hardware platform, software platform, communications environment, IT organizational structure?  What are the advantages of CORBA and how do you contrast it to .NET technology?

  • Can be used for ad-hoc external input such as:  What are your opinions regarding this vendor?  What are your opinions regarding this outsourcing provider?  Have you ever heard of this xxxx product, what do you know about it?  What product alternatives other than xxxx can I consider?  Have you ever heard of this person, what do you know about them, can you speak to them? Of the two proposals I have, which would you select?  Can you review my presentation to upper management and critique it for me?  Can you prepare a quick draft on the benefits and pitfalls of outsourcing for me?


TIMEBOX Opinion Approach

TIMEBOX Opinions have a wide scope and their approach varies based upon the nature and objective of each client issue. 

We begin our relationship via an understanding with the client company which stipulates the allowable client executives that can use this service, any restrictions upon their use, our billing approach and charges.  Our only charges are for services used, i.e. there is no minimum or monthly charge.  Our service may be used only once, or by only one person, i.e. we are flexible to your needs.

Company executives are given a telephone number and email address with which they can contact one of our principals whenever they need assistance.  When we are contacted, an opinion may be rendered instantaneously, therefore we would bill only for the time spent on the telephone (in quarter hour increments).  If we cannot render an opinion or a deliverable at that time, and the client does not wish us to invest any further time, there is no charge.  Alternatively, if further work is required and approved, the client indicates when our opinion must be rendered by, and what is the maximum amount of charges he is authorizing us to incur.  We perform and deliver the required service to the best of our ability within the TIMEBOX constraints and charge only for the time incurred, up to the maximum set by the client.


TIMEBOX Pricing Table

The pricing for TIMEBOX services is very simple.  Rates begin at $80 for the first quarter hour and decline by $1 per incremental quarter hour, with a not to exceed total amount.  The "not to exceed" amount is set by the client, and cannot surpass $2,200.  The billings for TIMEBOX services are issued monthly for all work incurred that month; if desired billings may also be issued upon completion of the service request.  All of our work and opinions are rendered on a strictly private & confidential basis.  SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED, i.e. we will perform to your expectation or wave the fee if you are not 100% HAPPY with our work.

  Quarter     Quarter     Quarter
Cumulative Hour   Cumulative Hour   Cumulative Hour
Time (Hour) Rate $   Time (Hour) Rate $   Time (Hour) Rate $
0.25 $80   3.25 $68   6.25 $56
0.5 $79   3.5 $67   6.5 $55
0.75 $78   3.75 $66   6.75 $54
1 $77   4 $65   7 $53
1.25 $76   4.25 $64   7.25 $52
1.5 $75   4.5 $63   7.5 $51
1.75 $74   4.75 $62   7.75 $50
2 $73   5 $61   8 $49
2.25 $72   5.25 $60   8.25 $48
2.5 $71   5.5 $59   8.5 $47
2.75 $70   5.75 $58   8.75 $46
3 $69   6 $57      


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