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IT Practitioner Seminar 
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SEMINAR OBJECTIVE:    To discuss the major traditional and Object Oriented analysis and design techniques

INTENDED AUDIENCE:   IT practitioners, Business analysts, IT management,  “IT Knowledgeable” User personnel and management charged with the active participation or direction of a project. 

LEARNING OUTCOME:    At the conclusion of these seminars the student will have learned system analysis and systems design alternatives and techniques.


Note: Each seminar is "two+" hours.


 S6-0  Data Base Technologies & Practices.

History of Data Modeling, Data Modeling, Relational DB Concepts, Primary keys, Foreign Keys, Normal Forms, Entity Relationship Diagrams, Types of Data Bases, Object Data Bases. 


S8-9   Object Analysis & Design, Business Objects.

History of OO Analysis and of UML Practices, Object Terminology, Business Rules, State Diagrams, Object Oriented Analysis Techniques, UML Standards, Component Design Techniques.


S11-0  Requirements Engineering.

Importance of Requirements Definition, Business Analysis vs Requirements, Conversation Design, Use Case Design, Business Object Design, ProjectScope, User Definition, Identifying Objects and Classes, Class Models.


S12-13 Process Design.

Traditional Program Design, Data Decomposition, Detailed Component Design, Process Design, Construction, Testing, Alternative Design Methods, DSDM, RUP Process, Metrics, User Design.


S14-15 Use Case Models, Interaction Diagrams, State & Activity Diagrams,

           Implementation Diagrams.

Use Cases, Use Case Models, Actors, Classes, Components, Documenting Techniques, State & Activity, Implementation Diagrams State Diagrams, Classes & State Diagrams, Implementation Strategies & Considerations.


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