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SEMINAR OBJECTIVE:   To discuss some of the better methods for approaching the design of a system. 

INTENDED AUDIENCE:    IT management, IT project leaders, “IT knowledgeable” User management charged with the active direction of a project or the ongoing control of the IT function. 

LEARNING OUTCOME:   At the conclusion of these seminars the student will have learned various system development approaches, alternatives and techniques.


Note: Each seminar is "two+" hours.

G8-0   IT Management Seminar on Software Development Processes and Some

          Contemporary Alternatives.

Systems Development Life Cycle, SDLC Alternatives, RAD, JAD, Prototyping, Business Modeling, Introduction to Analysis and Design Items : Data Flow Diagrams, State Transition Diagrams, Context Diagram, Entity Relationship Diagram.

G9-1   IT Management Seminar on Object Oriented Methods.

History of Object Oriented Concepts, Object, Oriented Concepts & Terms, Supposed Benefits of Object Oriented Approaches, Potential Problems. 

G11-0  IT Management Seminar on Systems Design & Project Planning.

Project Management Considerations, Team Scheduling and Staffing Considerations, Work Plan and Other Techniques, Initial Design, Data Flow Diagrams, Object Modeling, Project Estimating Techniques.

G12-4  IT Management Seminar on Systems Planning; Effective IT Organization

           and Management.

Systems Planning Objectives & Benefits, Timing For the Systems Plan, Planning Team Members, Applications Management, IT Department Organization Alternatives, Management Options.

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