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SEMINAR OBJECTIVE:   To enhance the IT background of executives and managers such that they can  better participate in IT efforts and/or  better direct and manage the IT function.

INTENDED AUDIENCE:   General and Executive management personnel.

LEARNING OUTCOME:    At the conclusion of the seminar the student will have an overview of the subject matter thus allowing them to better understand and deal with various IT related issues and strategies.


Note: Each seminar is "two+" hours.

G1-0   Executive Seminar on Hardware and Software Concepts.

History of computers, Computer Architecture, Types of Computers (Micros to Supercomputers), Operating Systems and Application Software,  Programming Languages, 4GL, CASE tools, e-Commerce Business Impacts, e-Connectivity, Work Environment Impacts.

G2-0   Executive Seminar on Telecommunications and Networking.

Analog vs Digital Communications, Network Topologies & Types of Communication Lines, Satellite Communications, Bridges, Routers, Gateways, WAN, LAN, DDD, EDI, Programming Language Overview, XML alternative to EDI. 

G3-0   Executive Seminar on Business System Architectures, ERP Systems,

          SAP Overview.

Batch, On-Line, Distributed, Centralized, n-Tier, ERP Systems, Intranets, Extranets, Groupware,  Application Systems.  SAP R/3: Basis Architecture, HW Options, Database Overview, User Interfaces, Abap/4 and Development Workbench.

G4-5   Executive Seminar on Other System Types and e-Commerce Applications.

Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Executive Information Systems, Expert Systems, Geographic Systems, Web Applications, Artificial Intelligence, e-Commerce Applications, B2B, B2C, C2C.

 G6-0  Executive Seminar on System Planning & Software Development Environment.

History of Software Development, Business Process Reengineering considerations, System Planning overview, Introduction to object oriented concepts, System Quality Considerations, System Life Cycle Considerations, Object Oriented Development Cost Benefit Considerations.           

G7-0   Executive Seminar on Software Packages, End User Computing.

Systems Development Approaches, Software Package Advantages, Software Evaluation, Make vs Buy Analysis, Vendor & Package Selection Methodology, Application Service Providers (ASP), User Driven Projects.

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