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Engagement Profiles 
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Engagement Profiles

We can be engaged for specific projects or on retainer basis.  Our projects can be as short as one or two days or they can span several months.  Our involvement can be as minimal as our assisting on a part time as needed basis, or as significant as having a full time onsite project team.  Our client relationships span multiple years.
Our expertise spans from networking and client server technology to mainframe computers, and from finance to operations, and includes projects such as:
  •     Interim / Part Time Executive IT Management

  •     IT Due Diligence Reviews

  •     IT Effectiveness Assessment
  •     Third Party Quality Assurance Review
  •     Organizational Effectiveness Review
  •     Cost Reduction/Profit Improvement Study
  •     Decentralization/Centralization Evaluation
  •     Systems Assessments & Strategy
  •     Long Term Systems Planning

  •     Tactical systems Planning
  •     Hardware Selection/Strategy
  •     Requirements Definition: Accounting, Manufacturing, Distribution applications
  •     Financial Reporting, Chart of Accounts, Budgeting design
  •     Inventory Management Assessment
  •     Functional/Technical Design
  •     ERP and Application Software Package Selection
  •     Cash Management Study
  •     Reporting Systems Analysis & Design
  •     Service Bureau / ASP Selection / Hosting Vendor: RFP preparation, evaluation & selection
  •     Data Base, Data Warehouse &  Dashboard Evaluation & Selection
  •     Network Systems Topology Review
  •     Policies/Procedures/Controls/Security Review
  •     Project Management, Supplemental Project Staffing
  •     Architecture Design, Technical Strategy



  •     General Ledger, Consolidation, Budgeting, Foreign Accounting
  •     Financial Reporting, Cost Accounting, HB2 Reporting
  •    Customer Information, Customer Management Relationship
  •    Freight Forwarding, Logistics
  •     Air/Ocean Import & Export, Customs Brokerage
  •     Plant & Equipment, Activity Based Costing
  •     Tax Ledger, Fixed Assets
  •     Accounts Payable, Purchasing and Material Management
  •     Accounts Receivable, Credit, Customer Management
  •     Raw Material & Finished Goods Inventory Control & Management
  •     Mortgage Processing, Consumer & Commercial Loans
  •     Financial Modeling & Forecasting
  •     Marketing, Sales Analysis & Reporting
  •     Manufacturing, MRP, DRP, Branch Replenishment
  •     Human Resources and Payroll
  •     Claims Processing
  •     System Conversions & System Interfaces,
  •     SAP user enhancements, Abap custom reporting
  •     Web development
  •     Order Entry, Billing, Pricing, Promotion, Inventory Control
  •     Warehouse Optimization & Picking
  •     Special Purpose Ordering & Selling System

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