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COST SAVING TIPS: Special Studies

Self assessment is a mode of identifying improvements, efficiencies, and cost reductions.

Periodically reviewing processes,

     as well as the underlying systems,

                 infrastructures and communications,

                        is a healthy and necessary step for small and large organizations.


Performing such self assessments should only be performed by heavily experienced third party personnel who can be impartial and objective.


The reviewer firm should not be a vendor of other services nor products, i.e. they should especially not be a provider of outsourcing or hosting or infrastructure support services.

Additionally, the firm should also be a boutique firm, and not a large organization which would have a major interest in implementation services, and therefore recommending, a major change and corresponding implementation project.


Special studies can be used to confidentially answer highly focused questions such as:


What systems and processes are the branches using?

     What headway have our competitors made in this technology?

         What exists out there that we could use without having to reinvent the wheel?

             What alternatives are available to us?

                 How expensive is our current mode of processing?

                     How effective are our current procedures?

                         How effective are our systems and our people?

                             Who are my key and most important personnel (MIP)?

                                 How is the project really doing?

                                     How satisfied are our customers?

                                         How good are our technology services and products?

                                             How good is this vendor contract proposal?

                                                 What would the results of a Buy Side IT Due Diligence review indicate to a potential buyer?

These are the types of questions that face many of today’s executives as they struggle to pare costs while increasing the overall competitive advantage and effectiveness of their organization. At times, studies and analyses of this kind are best performed by external consulting organizations who not only posses the skills and the background, but also posses the objectivity and the integrity to "call it as it is".

Nori & Associates has been engaged by many clients to perform confidential special studies and reviews.  Prior engagements have ranged from the assessment of internal departments to the costing analysis of alternate system strategies and the quality assurance review of other firmís proposals and work output.

The cost effectiveness and pragmatism of N&A has been heralded by many clients, and continues to be a hallmark of the firm.

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